New Brunswick Makers

It is wonderful to see how many New Brunswick crafters have made their way onto Etsy. You can find everything from jewelry, to knit goods made by someone from your hometown! In my spare time, one of my favourite things to do is browse Etsy. Specifically, I love browsing by location, rather than looking within a particular category of items.

How can you do this? Well, when you open up Etsy in your browser, hit the Search button that appears on the top of the page. Then, scroll down to where it says Shop Location and select Choose a custom location. This allows you to search for Etsy shops based on where they are situated! I love the option to find items made in Canada when I’m looking for a gift for someone but need it within 1-2 weeks (since, as we know, the majority of Etsy shops are located in the United States and shipping generally takes longer than 2 weeks to get to us Canadian users). If you haven’t used this search tool yet, I highly recommend it!

Earlier today, I did a search for shops located in New Brunswick. I had a total of 16,000 results pop up for items made in New Brunswick, which was awesome to see! I hope to see this climb as more New Brunswick crafters become familiar with the Etsy platform. In March, Rebecca and I hosted an Etsy workshop for the New Brunswick Crafts Council in Fredericton. We had 20 people come out just to learn about Etsy and we were thrilled! We love getting people started on Etsy so if you or anyone you know is interested in starting up shop on Etsy, get in contact with us!

Don’t forget to browse through the gallery photos in this blog post for some New Brunswick-made items you can find on Etsy!

Today’s Featured shops:

Craft Love Craft Life

Woodsmoke Woolworks

Dragonfly Expression

High on Hemp

Heaps Handworks

Oceanling Craft

Daisy Kisses


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