Maker Mondays – THANK YOU!!!

Thank you to every single person who came out to the Etsy Made in Canada event this past Saturday.  With an estimate of 12,000 attendees, this was a clear show of support for your local makers, and your local economy.

thank you(illustration by katfrickmiller)

From the maker’s perspective, it is always such a nice change of pace to meet the lovely people who will treasure our work, and to witness the emotional response to what we pour our heart and soul into.  Interacting with our community face-to-face rather than in a virtual sense brings an added delight to what we do.

To ensure that we are able to continue building this personal relationship with our local community, we have a small request for those who attended the event this year, and those who hope to see events continue in coming years. Our request is small and simple: contribute just $2 so that we can cover our budget shortfall this year, and will be able to start planning 2016 + smaller events throughout the year!

To contribute $2 (or more!), please visit

bee kind

(print by StorybirdPrints)

Until we meet in person again, THANK YOU from all the Maritime Makers who were warmed by your generous support.

Stay tuned as we soon return to our regular Maker Monday series.

by Carol of stringmealong and ThisBorrowedMoment on etsy