Maker Mondays – String Me Along

Happy (long weekend) Monday.

Today, we are meeting with Maritime Maker, Carol of String Me Along. A self-described magpie attracted to shiny things, her jewellery shop is filled of a mix of sparkling glass, aged metals, and various vintage components.  A little bit of old-world charm, and a whole lot of feminine style.

Read on to learn more….

bird bracelet

Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Carol and I am the face behind String Me Along Jewellery (stringmealong) on etsy. I grew up in Ontario and moved East seven years ago: two years in Moncton and five years now in the Halifax area. My husband and I settled in Lawrencetown which for me is the perfect blend of country and city living – minutes to either beaches and trails or the city – and with enough space to grow a little veggie patch.
I have been making jewellery for years. It started when I saw a necklace that I loved in a movie and went on a hunt to buy a similar one. With no luck in the shops, I walked into a bead store and described the necklace and asked them to help me get the supplies to make it.  The lady at the store gave me just enough instruction that I was able to recreate it myself. Then, I was hooked. And since I could not stop making pieces, I started selling. At the time, it helped with my unversity textbook fund, and has kept me mostly out of trouble since.

You say that you find influence in your natural surroundings. Moving from Toronto to the Maritimes, have you seen a noticeable difference in your creative style?

I find that since I am so influenced by the spaces surrounding me, that yes, my style has changed quite drastically over years. I was not very cognizant of it at first, but when I look back through my old shop listings there is definitely a shift from concrete and sky-scrapers to lupins and lapping waves. When I am fortunate enough to have time and money to go someplace that is completely new to me, I always come back feeling inspired.

flower necklace

You have moved around quite a bit in your adult life. Is this just another stopping place for you?

No, I don’t think so. Somehow this just feels right. I made the decision to move to Halifax before I had ever even been to Halifax. My husband is possessed of a little more sense than me though, and suggested we might want to follow the traditional route of finding jobs and such before just packing up our belongings and hitting the road.
I always felt a pull to come East.  My Mom is from PEI and we would drive out every summer when I was a kid. I guess those early experiences stuck.
And honestly, I don’t see myself tiring of living here. I love that I can drive for five minutes in one direction and be strolling barefoot along a beach; drive for 20 minutes in the opposite direction and be sitting down to a world class meal in Halifax; or drive for an hour in any direction and see any amount of ever-changing, beautiful landscapes. How could I ever hope for more?

Do you have any hand-made items that are particularly cherished.

Yes! I absolutely love Christmas and one of my favorite things to buy or have given to me as gifts are handmade tree ornaments. Every year, once the tree is in place and still bare, I take hours unboxing and unwrapping all my my ornaments. Each one seems so special in its own way, and it is wonderful to visit them for that brief period every year – like seeing a friend who you only get to visit briefly with it. I have collected a number of ornaments from various etsy sellers, many of whom I have grown to know personally, if even only virtually. I have also accumulated quite a number while on travels, and these ones I most love to unwrap because it always leads to great trips down memory lane. It does make for an eclectic tree to say the least, and I am not sure that I could ever decide which is my absolute favorite.


What do you feel are the benefits of working as a member of the Maritime Makers team over going it completely alone?

Oh, definitely the wealth of talent and skill in the team is a plus. Everyone is so willing to collaborate to make the team grow, but also to give one on one guidance and help. New crafters can find willing mentors, and even seasoned sellers learn so much from their fellow members. We aren’t all experts in everything which is why it is so great to align yourself with people willing to share their skills. The sense of competitiveness is minimal, while the spirit of partnership shines.
Maybe that’s just the generous Maritime way.

Thanks for sharing!  Remember to visit her shop, stringmealong on etsy.


(Written by ThisBorrowedMoment on etsy)