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Happy long weekend Monday!  Aren’t those the most glorious words? I

Today I am happy to introduce you to Kimberly Rashed of Charlottetown, PEI.  Kimberly has turned a fashion background into a burgeoning little business, selling the most adorable baby shoes.  With young son, Kingston as her muse, Kimberly’s soft soled fabric baby shoes have colourful prints, and a bold attitude.  Every kid should be so stylish!!

Read on to learn more about Kimberly, and her growing business, LilKingz.



Could you please begin by giving us a brief bio about yourself and an intro to your shop.

A busy mother of 4 with a background in fashion currently working as a photographer, stylist, modelling agency co-founder, columnist, nutrition consultant and most recently mompreneur of baby booties. (I’m sure I’m forgetting something?) I’m a busy gal as I chase my brood around, but I truly love every second of it. Working well under pressure has got to me my best asset and my day planner is my best friend. Lil Kingz Threads came out of the obsession I had for dressing the new little man in my life. Being the shoe fanatic I am, I was looking for unique pieces that would set his style apart. A lack of options our there paired with my preference for a soft sole in these early years, I really saw a need. With a fashion background I was able to produce a stylin’ little shoe with endless possibilities for variations to not only style my boy but also share with others.


You have a little muse, Kingston. Could you share a bit about him and how he influenced your current path.

Well that boy is truly the King of my world. When I learned we were expecting a boy, I was over the moon with excitement to dress my dapper little man. He really gave me a run for my money via an extremely tough pregnancy and much of it was spent in bed, on Pinterest pinning style ideas to prepare for his much anticipated arrival. As I struggled to find a soft sole shoe with any kind of uniqueness, or style I took ideas from a few different shoes I’d seen and combined them to create my own. He’s definitely been the best little brand rep to say the least. He’s gorgeous (no, I’m not biased), easy to photograph (today, but ask me tomorrow) and very social. We get stopped and asked about his kicks everywhere we go. His adorable little friends do too. The brand is growing like wildfire here thanks to all of our Lil Kinz babes.


You come from a fashion background. What specifically did you do, and how has that helped prepare you for this path?

In college, I attended a fashion design program on a scholarship. I had already been sewing creatively since my early teens, but the education I received on pattern drafting was where I really honed my skills. For years, I had just trouble shot my way through altering a commercial pattern into the piece I was imagining in my head. Acquiring the tools and techniques of the trade was what took me to the next level. I enjoy the challenge of taking a sketch or idea and creating the look in my own design from start to finish. I can’t stand being limited by other’s interpretations. If I have an idea in my head, I will likely obsess over it until I can create it. Can you say “control freak” much?


You are fairly new to etsy. Getting started were there any steep learning curves, a-ha moments, or things that you wish someone had told you going in?

I am new to Etsy and still learning as I go. There are definitely a lot of particulars I’d like to learn more about. I’m happy with how it’s steadily growing and that I have an online marketplace to send customers, but SEO and all the nitty gritty deets to actually get found is definitely where I need to focus.


Do you have any handmade treasures – new or heirloom – that have special value for you?

I’ve had many handmade treasures found in my grandmothers attic that have been special to me and certainly spearheaded my love for fashion and design. But the one item I would say still holds true is the wedding dress I designed and made for my wedding 12 years ago. In my early 20’s I recall modelling in local wedding fashion shows and always thinking I would never wear these frou frou dresses. That mindset never wavered and I designed my own. The reason it’s so important to this day is that I’ve used the remnants to make the girls christening gowns and am now preparing to make King’s christening romper. It’s so special to be able to have so much meaning woven (pardon the pun) through these special rites of passage.


Can we find your work elsewhere, outside of etsy?

You certainly can! Right now our little cuties can be found at Green Eye Designs on Victoria Row as well as at The Makers in North Rustico. I’m still in talks with a number of other seasonal local shops, and certainly more than happy to expand that list.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us today, Kimberly.  We wish you continued success!

If you want to see more of the sweet little shoes, click LilKingz to see the full shop.

(Submitted by Carol of stringmealong and ThisBorrowedMoment on etsy)