Maker Mondays – EllePaisley

Welcome back to Maker Mondays.  We had an unexpected hiatus as many of our makers put their shops on hold due to a potential postal disruption.  Looks like things will be staying normal for now, so shops are back open, and we are happy to introduce you to another one of our Maritime Makers.

Today, you will be meeting Lisa Scrivner of ellepaisley, maker of one of a kind Steampunk Jewelry and Victorian-Inspired accessories.


Could you please start with a brief bio about yourself and an intro to your shop.

Hi I’m Lisa! I am inspired by fashion photography and rock biographies, fueled by brunch and burgers and amused by kittens, woodland creatures and cute things. I also run where you can find Victorian inspired and Steampunk jewelry and accessories. The aesthetic behind my work is Industrial Romance, a more modern and romantic take on the Steampunk genre.


Can you tell us a bit more about your grandfather and uncle, who both helped instill in you this passion for clock-pieces.

I started my etsy shop just after my grandfather, Herman, passed away 8 years ago. I was very close with my grandfather and he was an avid watch collector – leaving me a large collection of vintage unrepairable watch parts. I wanted to pay homage to him and also create something I felt proud of. Growing up I was always fascinated by his old pocket watch collection and I knew that repurposing these broken watches into new wearable art would not only help me grieve his passing but also give me a sense of purpose in my search for a creative outlet. My great uncle was also a watch maker, and although I never met him, I feel a sense of pride in carrying on a family tradition in a new way.


Last year, as part of Maker Cities, you ran a “Get Started on Etsy” Workshop. What are your biggest pointers for new sellers or those thinking about getting started on etsy?

I think my biggest pointer for getting started on Etsy is to treat your Etsy shop like a business (from the very beginning). This is something that I didn’t do and wish I had. By treating it like the business it is, you are really setting yourself up for success. Have your business plan, great photos and collection ready before you hit the publish button and you will be ahead of the game!


Do you have any handmade items that hold special personal value?

One of my grandmothers was a quilter and the other one a ceramist, I have a quilt from one and my favourite mug (with an etched unicorn on it) from the other. My wife made me a very sweet cross stitching for my birthday that I also adore. I love buying handmade and would say 80% of my jewelry collection is from artists I have met.


Can we find your work anywhere off etsy? Or do you have any events coming up in the next while?

While I have worked with several galleries and shops, currently my work is only available on etsy. I will be vending in the upcoming Etsy Made in Canada show on Saturday, September 24th at the Halifax Forum Maritime Hall.

Thank you so much, Lisa!  We are looking forward to seeing you and your work in person again this year at the Etsy Made in Canada event.  In the meantime, remember you can visit ellepaisley on etsy.