Etsy Made in Canada Sneak Peek #7

With less than a week until we kick off Etsy Made in Canada, today we are sharing with you some of our first time vendors.  It is always excited to have new talent to share, and we couldn’t be more excited about this group.

Remember that this year, the show takes place over two days – Saturday, September 24th and Sunday, September 25th.  Each day we will have a whole new line up of vendors.  Almost one hundred vendors over the course of the weekend.

Check out below for the sneak peek of who you can find each day.


Clockwise from Top Right:

Sense and Sensibilitea – Booth #28
GreenMonBrushstrokes – Booth #22
BareBasicsCo – Booth #21
RubysDaughter1977 – Booth #27



Clockwise from Top Right:
CatherineOtto – Booth #27
DAVALBeauty – Booth #21
ObanLodgeCrafts – Booth #22
Reheat – Booth #28