Etsy Made in Canada – Did You Attend?

The official photographer for the Etsy Made in Canada event in Halifax, Michelle Doucette has submitted an absolute glorious portfolio of photos that she captured at the event.  We are so excited to share a selection of them with you here.  After you’ve enjoyed our photos, we hope you can take a minute and share your photos of your favorite moments and purchases from the day.


Outside of the main tent, was our Vintage section, shown here with fabulous selections from Fancy Lucky Vintage.  The vintage section was hugely popular as shoppers hunted for one-of-a-kind finds.

boat CollagePaper boats were EVERYWHERE, and many of our makers have been steadily folding since our craft party this past June.  Outside the main tent, was a smaller crafting tent where we invited participants to make their own boats.

ColourCollageInside the main tent were some of our favorite sellers including from top left:  Mule Mother Books; Distinguished Jewelry; Sarah C Illustrations, and; Effie Handmade.

BlackCollageOther popular sellers included, clockwise from top left: Impact Engraving; Therese Bombardier; Bad Mouth Soap, and; Better Beard Company.

Did you attend?  Our makers would love to have you share your photos of your favorite purchases in the comments below.

Also, if you did attend and could help us ensure that we are able to bring more of these great events to Halifax, we are gratefully accepting donations here:
We aren’t asking for a lot, a dollar or two, or anything that you can spare would make a huge difference to our future event goals.


An absolutely beautiful display at Make-Merry Events.

For more of Michelle’s amazing photographic work, please visit her at