We host two annual events for Maritime Makers to showcase their products and are working to unite makers & markets in Atlantic Canada by creating a comprehensive map and resource directory. Explore our makers & markets or submit your own listing here

Since 2013 Maritime Makers has been working to organize and grow the maker movement in Atlantic Canada through annual markets, pop-ups, workshops, and collaboration with values aligned partners. We’ve hosted some of the largest one day selling events in our region, coordinated multi-province collaborations, organized hundreds of workshops & meet ups, built an online portal to organize makers and piloted programs for partners that have scaled locally and globally such as Etsy Maker Cities. We’ve helped make Atlantic Canadian makers & markets visible in our communities and the world! 

Maritime Makers is a volunteer collective organized by Jessika Hepburn with support from Fatema Sidat, makers, and market organizers across Atlantic Canada. Initially inspired by meeting at a 2014 Etsy Team Captain Summit in Toronto over the last five years support the makers & markets of our region with events, resources, and an online directory. 

Here are 3 ways to support our work:

  1. Help us grow our map of makers & markets by listing your businesses or events 
  2. Support local makers at one of our annual Maritime Makers markets
  3. Become a member or sponsor of our work here

Applications are now open for our Spring & Summer Markets! 



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